About Good Shepherd Community of Faith

Our Mission

No matter who you are,

or where you are, 

on life's journey,

You're welcomed here.

The congregation of Good Shepherd Community of Faith is a diverse body of people who are unified by a common belief in Jesus Christ. Having experienced the love and grace of Christ, we take seriously God's call to ministry and mission. 

        Our constitution begins: "We the congregation of Good Shepherd Community of Faith, Buffalo, New York, declare ourselves to be a Welcoming and Affirming congregation.  We will reach out with love to any and all people who enter our doors seeking God with Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. We recognize all human beings as worthy and loved by God.  We, therefore, affirm and support all relationships based on love and mutual respect and grounded in Christian faith.  We invite ALL people, of every race, gender, cultural background, socioeconomic status, mental or physical ability, marital status, sexual identity or orientation into fellowship and service in Christ's name.  We are a people of God and will be led by our faith in Jesus' teaching of love.  We shall be a beacon of light and a place of faithful joy in this community and the world, sharing with and caring for all people."

        As a member of American Baptist Churches USA and the United church of Christ, this Church is dedicated to the philosophy of being Redeemed, Biblical, Worshiping, Mission, Interdepedent, Caring Inclusive and Contemporary People.  Above all, we affirm the centrality of Scripture in our lives, pursuing the study of God's inspired Word as a mandate for faith and practice.

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Our Affiliations ~ 

 We are members of the American Baptists and the United Church of Christ as a welcoming Open and Affirming Church of God.

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Where Can I find an Open and Affirming Church near me?

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